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ervation groups maintained ▓in a statement. Over a dozen newbor▓n ducklings have been spotted swimming in the ▓lake, reported two researchers from Hengshui University. Last year, China and ▓Germany jointly launched the Hengshui Lake Conservation and Management Project to revive the Baer’s Pochard populati

on.“We are delighted that our e▓fforts have been rewarded so quickly. Our aim now is to bu▓ild on this success to ensure successful bre▓eding becomes an annual event, ” said Yuan Bo, Director of Hengshui Lake National Nature Reserve.Globally, there is very little awareness about the B▓aer’s

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Pochard – a diving duck that once thrived in eastern Asia. The bird’s population started declining in the 1980s, and its numbers decimated by more tha

n 90 percent, making it rarer t▓han the giant panda. Today, barely 1,000 individual Baer’s Pochard exist in the wild.  Experts blamed fluctuating water levels, illegal egg collection,

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and disturbance caused by tourist boating and illegal electric fishery for massive destruction of Baer&r▓squo;s Pochard habitat and breeding.Concerned over its low number, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declared the species as “cr▓itically endangered” in 2012. Species put under this category are usually just a step

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away ▓from extinction. According to ornithologists, Hengsh▓ui Lake became an important global site for the revival of this bird in 2014 with sightings

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of more than 300 of Baer’s Pochard. The sightings were recorded mainly during spring migra▓tion season; a few pairs were also seen du▓ring t

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he summer season. "Since 2017, regular ▓monitoring of the site for Baer’s Pochard and targeted conservation actions ha

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ve been initiated through the Sino-German Hengshui Hu Conservation and Protection Project,” a press statement said. &n

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bsp;Terry Townshend, director o▓f Eco-Action, told CGTN that the extraordinary a▓ctions by the local government and nature reserve at H▓engsh

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